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The ONLY Complete Truck Bed
Solution Available on the Market!

Fold-A-Cover together with the Personal Caddy Cargo Management System

You’ve got thousands of dollars invested in your equipment… shouldn’t you enjoy the peace of mind that it’s secured in your truck bed and easily accessible? Our G4 Elite tonneau cover locks your entire truck bed AND tailgate to safely store larger tools. The Personal Caddy can add a second layer of protection with up to 10.3 cubic feet of integrated storage for smaller items while remaining locked and out of sight beneath the tonneau cover!

Fold-a-Cover with Personal Caddy
Fold-a-Cover Fleet Solutions
F150 with G4 Elite and Style Step Step Tube
G4 Elite Latch
Personal Caddy
Fold-a-Cover Dual Access


Fold-a-Cover revolutionized the tonneau cover market when it introduced the first hard folding tonneau in 1988! 25 years later, Fold-a-Cover continues to innovate with the industries only functional integrated cargo management solution.

  • Our complete tonneau & toolbox solution is your best solution for storing, organizing, and securing ALL your cargo
  • We provide unmatched versatility and accessibility for your entire truck bed with our dual access design and 4-panel folding mechanism


All of our tonneau covers and integrated storage solutions are customized for each vehicle application in our state of the art ISO9001 / ISO14001 manufacturing facility in Caledonia, Michigan. Our unique system is the most complete and versatile solution for your truck bed!

  • Tonneau and Toolbox Solution Custom Fit For Each Model
  • Provides a Clean, Dry, Secure, and Organized Storage Solution


ONLY Fold-a-Cover offers a hard folding tonneau cover that locks the cover AND your tailgate for complete security. No extra tailgate lock needed! Not only that, but our Personal Caddy toolbox sits below the tonneau, so prying eyes won’t even know you may have expensive tools and equipment stored away!

  • Our patented design locks both the tonneau cover and your tailgate
  • The Personal Caddy is safely hidden beneath the tonneau and out of sight


ONLY Fold-a-Cover gives you access to your truck bed with two fingers in less than two seconds! Many covers claim to be “easy to open” but require you to drop everything, open your tailgate, and then use both hands to open the cover. Not so “easy” with tools, supplies, and other equipment in your hands. With Fold-a-Cover, you have access to both your truck bed and the Personal Caddy with one-handed operation!

  • Opens from the front and rear of truck bed
  • Access to both your truck bed and the Personal Caddy with one-handed operation!

Thinking about
CNG Conversion?

CNG ConversionAs gas prices continue to rise and natural gas prices continue to decrease, CNG Conversion is becoming more and more popular with today’s fleet vehicles.

Fold-a-Cover is the perfect companion product for in-bed CNG Tanks! With our unique dual-access design, you can easily access your CNG storage tank and valve with just one hand while still keeping your truck bed secured and your tank protected from the elements.

We offer G4 Elite Fold-a-Cover and
Personal Caddy bundles for many GM,
Dodge, Ford, and Toyota applications!

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